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The idea for Nadezhda Health Project began to evolve in July of 2017. Anna Kirillova, an undergraduate at UC Davis at the time, had the idea after learning about the hardships of the Slavic community in Sacramento in obtaining accessible healthcare. She was able to recruit more undergraduate co-founders Liza Belomyttseva, Marina Shatskikh, and Julia Druker and together they established the framework for the project. In a collaborative effort with partners Dr. Serge Veretennikov, MD, an MS3 at the time, and Dr. Ilya Khamishon, MD of internal medicine at UCDMC, Nadezhda Health Project came to life. 

History of Nadezhda


Anna Kirillova
2017 - 2020


Julia Druker


2017 - 2019


Marina Shatskikh
Scheduling and Staffing Chair
2017 - 2020


Sergey Veretennikov, MD
Medical Student Director
Family Medicine

2017 - 2019


Liza Belomyttseva 
2017 - 2020


Ilya Khamishon, MD
Internal Medicine
2017 - currently

The project continued to grow thanks to the generous support of the Russian-speaking community in Sacramento. This includes Nataliya Zablotsky who provided the clinic space, Sacramento Covered for their medical insurance guidance, Igor Axenov with Sacramento Weekly, Yuri Korotkov with Ethno FM, Vlad Kotyakov with the House of Bread Church, and Yarmarka


With this support, Nadezhda Health Project was able to continue community outreach, provide evidence-based medical information and advice on lifestyle modifications, and work to improve community health. However, a student-run clinic continued to be the goal as these consultation services were limited. 

In August 2019, Nadezhda became affiliated with Paul Hom Asian Clinic at UC Davis and UC Davis School of Medicine. All of our funding comes from these sources in addition to donations from the community. Nadezhda Clinic would not have existed without Nadezhda Health Project and all of its contributors. The team recruited Dr. Lucy Shi, MD to be the first medical director of the Clinic. Thanks to the tremendous contributions from medical students Liliya Klimkiv, MS4, Anastasiia Zhelokhovtseva, MS3, Dr. Olga Slabchak, MD, Dr. Nelya Nemchek, MD, and Dr. David Chang, MD and undergraduate students Vikki Krysov and Altynay Nurpeissova, the first clinic took place on Aug. 17th, 2019.


David Cheng, MD
2019 - 2020


Anastasiia Zhelokhovsteva, MD
2019 - 2022


Liliya Klimkiv, MD
2018 - 2021


Vikki Krysov
2018 - currently


Altynay Nurpeissova
2018- 2021

Vikki Krysov
2018 - currently

Neyla Nemchek, MD
2018 - 2020

Nadezhda Clinic continues to grow its patient base and serve the community of Sacramento. We are constantly recruiting new undergraduates, medical students, and preceptors to improve and expand our services. Currently, the clinic provides services such as vitals, lab draws, prescription refills, and one-on-one patient-doctor interactions to ensure that all health issues are addressed. The clinic has been met with huge enthusiasm from the community and we hope to continue providing the best quality care to everyone who walks through our doors.

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